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Insurance policy features

You’ll receive lots of great benefits as standard when you arrange your insurance with us.

Manage your own account Keep an eye on all aspects of your insurance with an easy-to-use, customer portal.

Your cover options

We only offer comprehensive cover. Unfortunately, we can’t cover everything – make sure you’re happy with what’s not covered. Here are the key features of our insurance policies.

What’s covered

Loss or damage to your vehicle Cover if your vehicle is lost, stolen or damaged
Your liability Cover if you injure someone or damage their vehicle or property in an accident
Uninsured driver cover If you’re in an accident with an uninsured driver that wasn’t your fault
Vehicle recovery We’ll make your vehicle roadworthy with roadside repairs, or cover up to £150 for accommodation or public transport
Motor injury protection Cover for you, your partner and named drivers for death or serious injury after a motor accident
Individual no claim discount Earn a no claims discount on each vehicle you insure
Windscreen cover Cover for windscreen repair and replacement
Foreign use Cover driving in most European countries

What’s not covered

Electrical breakdown Including problems with the on-board computers – as well as electrical components
Tyres Any punctures, cuts or bursts – including those caused by braking
Resale value We can’t cover you for any loss in value of your vehicle after repair
Wear and tear Your vehicle losing value or for any repairs which improve your vehicle beyond it’s condition before the loss or damage happened

What’s optional

Breakdown cover Roadside assistance, recovery, homestart and onward travel to add to your insurance
Protected no claims discount NCB protection does not protect the overall price of your insurance policy. The price of your insurance policy may increase following an accident even if you were not at fault. NCB protection allows you to make one or more claims before your number of no claims bonus years falls
Motor legal Help recovering your compensation and financial losses after a motor incident which wasn't your fault
Courtesy vehicle Access to a replacement vehicle, with standard and enhanced options available
Motor Injury Protection Plus Injury cover and physiotherapy for you, your partner and any named drivers after a motor accident

Why choose YOGA Insurance

We understand how busy you are, and how little spare time you have. YOGA provides the freedom to manage your own insurance through a bespoke fully self-serviced user friendly system which puts you in control of every aspect of your insurance policy.

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